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The JCHR Story



The Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads, Inc. is a Peninsula-wide organization which was begun in 1985 in an effort to promote confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in young people through the instruction of dance and etiquette. We are currently serving children in grades five through nine.

Patterned after the highly successful Junior Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads, Inc. has dedicated itself to providing good dance instruction and other socially related skills within a controlled and wholesome atmosphere. Just as your expectations for your child are high, so are ours. This is a crucial period in the life of your young person and we believe through the tool of dance instruction, young people can achieve confidence and social skills that will help them the rest of their lives.

Our season, which consists of a series of six dances, runs from September through December on the Peninsula, and January through April in Williamsburg. Since self-confidence and self-discipline do not develop overnight, or in one season of Cotillion, we encourage all participants to attend all five years. Each age group receives instruction according to ability, with a building on classic dances such as the waltz, tango, and latin dances. Thus, it is only to your child's advantage to attend each year. Although classical dance instruction has been shown to result in good leadership, good fellowship and good musical expression, current and trend dances are taught as well. Contemporary music is used whenever possible.

In addition to highly trained instructors, Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads, Inc. employs high school students who have attended Cotillion to assist at the dances. They act as role models and are extremely adept at encouraging Cotillion members.


JCHR People



KayMartin Kay Martin came to the Peninsula from Kentucky in 1967 and attended Warwick High School. She then went on to Old Dominion University in Norfolk and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She was a labor and delivery nurse until 2008 and is currently a surgical nurse. She became involved with Junior Cotillion in 1993 and was a parent chaperone coordinator. In the fall of 1997, Kay joined the staff as coordinator of our cotillion assistants. In August 2006, Kay ( along with husband Greg) became co-owner/director of Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads. She and Greg have 2 sons, 2 daughters, and 1 grandson. They currently reside in Poquoson.
GregMartin Greg Martin has been a Peninsula resident his entire life. After graduation from Poquoson High School, he attended Thomas Nelson Community College and then the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland in Baltimore. Over the years, he has had vast experience in the broadcasting industry working at major Hampton Roads radio stations. Embarking on his radio career, Greg started AM DJ Service which has been in operation since 1981. With the formation of Junior Cotillion in 1985, Greg became the music and sound contractor. In the fall of 2006, Greg and his wife Kay became co-directors of Junior Cotillion. He is currently pursuing a degree at Oklahoma State University.
AaronWhittington Aaron Whittington is a native of Hampton, Virginia. With his mother on the original advisory board and his father as one of the original instructors, Aaron was destined to be at least a member. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Brad, Aaron joined Junior Cotillion in the sixth grade. He remained through all possible levels eventually taking the place of his father as one of the lead instructors. "The positive effect Junior Cotillion has on it's members self-confidence and esteem is worth it's weight in gold, not to mention the genuine fun they have while attending."
DebbieBruss Debbie Bruss has been involved with the JCHR since 2007. She conducts etiquette, manners, and fine dining instruction which includes the "Manners Moment" and "Words Worth Knowing" during each dance. Her previous experience includes being an instructor and model for Mannequin Finishing School and Modeling Agency , the former Director of the Williamsburg Junior Cotillion, and teaching manners and modeling classes in the Williamsburg area. A graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Elementary Education, she taught elementary school for a number of years and currently is a sales trainer for Thomson Tax & Accounting. She lives in Williamsburg with her husband Gene, son Zachary, who participated in cotillion and is now a cotillion assistant, and daughter Jordan who currently attends cotillion.
KitChalloner Christine "Kit" Challoner is the retired owner and executive advisor of Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads, Inc. She is a consultant, coordinator, director, instructor and choreographer for special events such as fashion productions, pageants, variety shows, weddings and fund raisers. Kit has given classes, lectures, workshops, and seminars in personal development, fashion modeling, manners and etiquette, theater and dance. She is a former flight attendant for United Airlines and is the former owner/director of Mannequin Finishing School and Modeling Agency. Kit and her husband, R.M. Challoner, III live in Newport News, VA. They have a grown son and daughter.





My husband and I are raising three girls. Our middle daughter is in cotillion now and our oldest daughter will be a cotillion assistant this year. Meanwhile my 6-year-old watches her sisters dress, don white gloves and become young ladies right before her eyes. She can't wait till it is her turn!

Cotillion has been a very positive experience and a beautiful supplement to our efforts to raise strong, respectful, and confident young ladies. Manners are your way of saying to the world, "I have values and respect for myself and respect for others." Cotillion has afforded them the opportunity to engage in social situations and apply their skills. They have learned a lot, met new people, and gained a greater level of self-confidence, while having a lot of fun.

To get the most out of the experience, we have gathered other Cotillion attendees and had a pre-dance dinner at our house. This way the children have the opportunity to socialize beforehand and arrive with friends. We have found that they often want to return home with friends to talk about the night and even share dessert before calling it a night.

We feel that this experience has helped develop the skills necessary to interview for jobs, attend social functions, and develop a confidence which can only be achieved through practice. As a family we have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads.

Ann Douglas Vaughan

I wanted JCHR to know how they have impacted our lives. My sons and daughters have participated in JCHR in the past 15 years. My sons, who are now adults, went to a wedding last year, and it was commented by others on how my sons treated their dates at this formal function. It seems most of the men there did not know how to escort a lady on the dance floor or across the room, or assist a lady with her chair or wrap.My sons could not believe how their male friends were not acting like gentlemen even to their own dates, guests, or their elders. It was even exciting to hear how they remember how to ballroom dance, etc. It is also quite interesting to see how our daughter, who is almost 13 years old, acts the lady and expects to be treated like one. This year our youngest daughter will be participating in JCHR and she too, will be on her way to learn how to act and behave for various functions.

Thank you. Katie Sheridan.




JCHR Gives Back


We thank the following schools for their participation in our " Cotillion Gives Back" program. For everyone who signs up for dance season, Junior Cotillion of Hampton Roads will contribute a portion of the membership fee back to your school or organization to be used toward a fundraiser. If your school or organization is interested, please feel free to contact us.


Gloria Dei Lutheran School
250 Fox Hill Road
Hampton, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.851.6292


Hampton Roads Academy
739 Academy Lane
Newport News, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.884-9148


Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
52 Harpersville Road
Newport News, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.596.2754


Providence Classical School
116 Palace Lane
Williamsburg, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.565.2900


Resurrection Lutheran School
765 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
Newport News, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.596-5808


Saint Andrews Episcopal School
45 Main Street
Newport News, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.596.6261


Saint Mary Star of the Sea School
14 North Willard Avenue
Hampton, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.723.6358


Trinity Lutheran School
6812 River Road
Newport News, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.245.2576


Walsingham Academy
1100 Jamestown Road
Williamsburg, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.229.2642


Williamsburg Christian Academy
101 School House Lane
Williamsburg, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.220.1978


Williamsburg Montessori School
4200 Longhill Road
Williamsburg, Virginia
Phone: 1.757.565.0977