JCHR Dance Dates

The following are the dance dates for the 2015 seasons.


Peninsula 2017
  • September 23 - Beach Blast
  • October 7 - Harvest Hop
  • October 21 - Totally 80's (Wear 80's Attire)
  • November 4 - A Night To Remember
  • November 18 - Turkey Trot (Bring Canned Goods)
  • December 2 - Holly Ball (Parents invited, Ladies please bring nosegays)
  • December 10 - Holiday Luncheon (Optional)



Scottish Rite Masonic Center 
65 Saunders Road
Newport News, VA


Fifth & Sixth Grades: 6:00 - 7:15 P.M. Saturday Evenings 
Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Grades 7:45 - 9:00 P.M. Saturday Evenings

Williamsburg 2018
  • January 6 - Kicking Off the Season
  • January 20 - A Night to Remember
  • February 3 - Be My Valentine (Wear Something Red)
  • February 17 - Totally 80's (Wear 80's Attire)
  • March 3 - Shamrockin' (Please Bring Canned Goods)
  • March 17 - Spring Ball (Parents Invited)(Ladies - Bring Nosegays)
  • March 18 - Optional Instructional Spring Luncheon





Fifth & Sixth Grades: 6:00 - 7:15 P.M. Saturday Evenings 
Seventh, Eighth, & Ninth Grades 7:45 - 9:00 P.M. Saturday Evenings





JCHR Dance Evening


Our dance evening begins when young ladies in white gloves (fifth and sixth grade only) and young gentlemen in blue blazers arrive and are greeted by Cotillion assistants trained in valet service. Doors are opened and one proceeds through a receiving line comprised of staff and parent chaperones. In a relaxed format eye contact, hand shaking, and social introductions come to life. One proceeds to the check-in desk and onto the ballroom floor. Now the fun begins.

The Grand March begins our dance program. Trained dance instructors and Cotillion assistants lead in classic ballroom dance steps to carefully selected music, both contemporary and traditional. We realize the need to stay up-to-date so the hot new dances of the season are also taught, including popular line dances. Because each dance is fast-paced and the children are constantly changing partners, ample opportunity is offered to meet people from other schools and gain confidence in making new social contacts.

Throughout the evening Manners Moments are interjected. Fundamentally accepted manners and standards are taught while new social rules which apply to cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices are also included. It is our goal to update manners in a fun and informative way. After a short refreshment break, the Cotillion evening continues with more dancing instructions and Manner Moments. After the last dance, young ladies are escorted through a good evening line made up of Cotillion staff and parent chaperones. Once again, eye contact, hand shaking, and social graces are reinforced.